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Wellbeing Day Planner

These routines, which you will be adding to your life each month based on my suggestions, will make you feel much better physically, mentally, and spiritually. As you progress through these techniques, you will start to feel much better, more balanced, healthier, happier, more cheerful, energetic, and last but not least, fully rooted into the world.

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Holistic Detox Recommendations

The book "Holistic Detox Recommendations from Ebru Şinik – Practical and Effective Applications" is available on the market on digital platforms so that you can access it much more easily and download it to your smartphone, computer, or tablet just to read immediately.

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Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny

In her third book, that is full of brand-new discoveries and increasing awareness, Ebru Şinik shares with you the formula of attaining sustainable happiness through simple daily routines that you will introduce into your life. While doing so, she is with you like a good friend at all times and encouraging you.

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Health, Breath & Life – Breathing Techniques for Daily Life

Ebru Şinik’s book “Health, Breath & Life – Breathing Techniques for Daily Life” and for all levels regarding the practice of Ten Main Ancient  Breathing Techniques (Pranayama).

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