Corporate Wellbeing Programs

Are your employees experiencing effective problems in focusing, producing solutions, communication and sense of company belonging due to stress and uncertainties?

Are your company costs rising due to increased absenteeism as a result of chronic pain, constant fatigue, excessive irritability and insomnia caused by the stress of modern and fast-paced life and irregular nutrition?

Would you like to incorporate Corporate Wellbeing solutions into your business processes that provide your employees with the inspiration, energy and motivation they need to be productive and successful, increasing profitability and efficiency?

Our seminar and workshop packages, which have been specially developed for organizations with the main purpose of "Stress Management, Increasing Energy, Creativity and Productivity and Increasing Work&Life Balance", consist of a wide range of training packages in which intellectual learning and practical experience are shared in a balanced way.
Corporate Wellbeing

Work & Life Balance

Our Work & Life Balance Programs, designed by Ebru Şinik, offer highly effective solutions aimed at improving the quality of life of the participants.
Ebru Şinik Kurumsal Wellbeing Semineri

As a result of our Work & Life Balance programs, you will step into a better, healthier and more peaceful life.

For details about the "Corporate Wellbeing and Work & Life Balance" programs provided by Yükselen Çağ Welbeing Academy expert lecturers, you can visit the Academy website or contact our Directorate of Education: