Wellbeing Association

Wellbeing Association was founded in September 2022 under the chairmanship of Ebru Şinik.

Şinik brought together the valuable Founding Members by determining the necessity of conducting public educational activities under the roof of a Non-profit organization in order to spread the well-being practices she has been working on for many years to all segments of the society.

Wellbeing Association Logo
Wellbeing Association Members of the Board
The founding purpose of the Wellbeing Association is summarized by the Board of Directors of the Association as follows;

Dissemination of Public Health and Personalized Wellbeing Practices to all segments of the society for all Wellbeing and Preventive Medicine practices;

To carry out activities at home and abroad within the scope of the work contents specified in the statute in order to raise social and individual awareness on Holistic Health, Preventive Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Public Health, Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Energy Medicine, Breathing Techniques , Meditation Techniques, Nutrition Programs, Wellbeing, Wellaging, Ayurveda, Yoga, Mindfulness etc. and to make recommendations to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Family and Social Services.

Wellbeing Association Members of the Board

Members of the Board of Directors elected at the first General Assembly;

  • Ebru Şinik | Founding Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özdal Ersoy | Chairman of the Board of Directors Vice Chairman
  • Cemal Andıç | Treasurer
  • Prof. Dr. Pelin Arıbal Ayral | Board Member
  • Didem Şinik Arıkan | Board Member
  • Prof. Dr. Nuray Yazıhan | Board Member
  • Pelin Bilgiç | Board Member
  • Prof. Dr. Özge Çelik | Board Member
  • Dr. Buğra Öktem | Board Member

To access the Wellbeing Association Corporate Website, please click on the link below;


1st Wellbeing Conference

The "New Generation Lifestyle 1st Wellbeing Conference", organized by the Wellbeing Association and held for the first time in our country, was held on Saturday, May 6 at Sun Plaza Maslak Istanbul with a total of 18 panelists and 160 participants in 6 different sessions with exceptional names from the world of Business, Medicine and Academia as panelists.
You can follow the activities of the Wellbeing Association on its website and social media accounts, and you can contribute as a member for a healthier and more prosperous country and humanity.