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Daily Wellbeing brand has been developed by Ebru Şinik with her long years of knowledge and practice background.

The Daily Wellbeing brand is designed to easily integrate Ayurveda's Preventive Medicine Protocols into your daily life with its product range and is the first in Turkey to produce such a wide range of complementary Body & Mind Medicine and Work & Life Balance products.

Ebru Şinik, who worked meticulously for about 3 years to develop Daily Wellbeing products, summarizes the birth purpose of our brand, which was launched in June 2023, as follows;

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I realized that many ayurvedic recommendations that I have been explaining to my students and counselors for years could not be implemented properly. I determined that the primary reason for this was that people did not have time to blend the mixtures I recommended in their busy work life. For this reason, it became necessary for me to produce ayurvedic wellbeing products that would enable my recommendations to be easily integrated into daily life.
So, about three years ago, I decided to synthesize ancient ayurvedic knowledge proven by scientific research to improve the quality of life and wellbeing and to make the state of well-being in a sustainable comfortable way, and to develop products that you can easily add to your daily life. May our "Daily Wellbeing" range of ayurvedic wellbeing products, produced with great care and of the highest quality, bring you balance, health, joy, hope and healing with clear goals.

Remember, Daily Routines are the most powerful keys to transformation! - Ebru Şinik

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