Breathing Techniques

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Could one be happier and healthier by breathing correctly?

Dr. Andrew Weil, one of the most prominent doctors of Mind and Body Medicine in the world makes the following statement;

If I had to limit my suggestions regarding healthy life to one single item, this would be learning to breathe correctly.

Happiness and success can be with us only to the extent we can manage our stress. That is to say, we create health, happiness and success on account of our “informed choices”. When we are stressed or our minds are tired and unclear and when our bodies feel sick, our potential to make a choice with awareness is pretty low. In a nutshell, we can be happy and healthy to the extent we can manage stress, which is the biggest disease of our age.

Breathing Techniques
Being better and happier is not limited to our dreams for future. This is entirely inherent in our daily decisions and decisions that we make for ourselves.

At this point, breathing techniques come in very handy as they provide us with main support. Controlled and rhythmic breathing through the nose, namely the Archaic Breathing Techniques, is known as the most efficient stress management technique in the world. Because it starts to balance the autonomic nervous system the moment you start practicing it. When these exercises that are effectively used in stress management throughout the world were compared with other relaxation techniques in which muscles and imagination are used, the former has been proven to create an effect in a much shorter period of time as breath is directly connected to physiologic stimulating system.


Breathing is the most effective detox system that functions both physically and mentally.

By applying controlled and rhythmic breathing through the nose, more specifically the Breathing Techniques, we can control our body and mind to calm, balance, purify and revive them. It is pretty easy to master in these and the effect is felt instantaneously with the practice.

By practicing Archaic Breathing Techniques, we can easily;

  • Calm our minds,
  • Create balance in our bodies,
  • Revive our physical body by releasing idle and sluggish energy,
  • Detoxify negative feelings, thoughts, belief patterns and food-related toxins.

When we consider the fact that stress is the source of the most widespread diseases of our time, it is not hard to imagine the potential contribution of successful stress management to our health and happiness, let alone other benefits of breathing.

Detailed information is provided in Ebru Şinik’s book “Health, Breath&Life–Breathing Techniques for Daily Life” and for all levels regarding the practice of Ten Main Ancient Breathing Techniques (Pranayama) , Contraindications and Healing of Diseases by Supporting Modern Medicine in four-hour-long “Ancient Breathing Techniques” seminars organized by Yükselen Çağ Wellbeing Center.

Learning Pranayama Breathing Exercises (Ancient Breathing Techniques) will necessitate only a few attendances to these trainings for life. You will be able to experience the following benefits as well as many other physiologic and psychologic benefits by incorporating these exercises into your daily routine;

Breathing Techniques
  • Stress management,
  • Coping with depression, insomnia and anxiety,
  • Physical and mental detox,
  • Supporting weight loss by accelerating slow body metabolism,
  • Balancing digestive system and maintaining its regularity,
  • Enhancing your physical and mental energy,
  • Enhancing your ability to focus,
  • Increasing your concentration,
  • Cooling your body against heat sensation,
  • Supporting regular functioning of thyroid and prostate glands,
  • Increasing your courage and self-confidence,
  • Calming down hunger and thirst,
  • Creating a natural Botox effect on your complexion,
  • Healing asthma by enhancing the capacity of lungs,
  • Perfection of your tone of voice.

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If you are unable to attend my seminars, please consider purchasing my book “Health, Breath&Life – Breathing Techniques for Daily Life.