Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny

"The Daily Routines that will Change Your Life, by Wellbeing Coach and Ayurveda Instructor Ebru Şinik"

In her third book, that is full of brand-new discoveries and increasing awareness, Ebru Şinik shares with you the formula of attaining sustainable happiness through simple daily routines that you will introduce into your life. While doing so, she is with you like a good friend at all times and encouraging you.

Vitamins, this recently opened place, a handful of walnuts, three almonds, promotion at work, losing five kilograms, getting married, jumping a step ahead in the game, water with a slice of lemon... Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny  By Ebru Şinik - Wellbeing Instructor & Ayurveda Teacher and Holistic Health AuthorNone of the things you have so far tried was what you had been looking for, right? Do you also think that you are left with the feeling of “something's not right” at the end of the day?

As a matter of fact, feeling physically, mentally, and spiritually balanced and happy doesn’t have to be a momentary or instantaneous state, it can spread through your life.

HOW ABOUT STARTING FROM SOMEWHERE to transform our lives within our comfort zone instead of saving the day and to opt for lasting solutions?

Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny is a real reference guide for those who seek to spread health and wellbeing throughout their lives instead of saving the day with temporary highs.

You can improve your quality of life, attain a permanent state of health and wellbeing with simple, free, and effortless daily routines of Ayurvedic Life, which considers human beings as being an integrated whole in terms of body, mind, and soul.

Ebru Şinik Quote

  • Holistic Detox Suggestions
  • Transform Your Life via Daily Routines
  • Stress Management
  • Suggestions for Weight Loss
  • Suggestions for Insomnia
  • Emotional Detox Program
  • Digestive System Health
  • Ayurvedic Nutrition
  • The Miraculous Effects of Spices
  • Special Tea Recipes & Homemade Jams
  • Home & Office Yoga Programs for Spine Health
  • Massage Techniques Applied by Yourself

While your sleep patterns, digestive system, mental and physical health will improve by every single day as a result of the daily routine suggestions in the book, this real healing will also cause a radical change in the expression of your genes expression!