Interviews with Ebru Şinik

Specıal Questıons to Pır Zıa Inayet Khan

pir zia inayet khan ebru şinik interview

1. What exactly is Sufism? What is the foundation and purpose of Sufism?
Sufism is the path of remembering God and lifting up one’s life to God. In this way a person becomes emptier and yet fuller. The purpose is to become a vessel for God’s infinite love.

2. In Sufism can we only proceed through Islamic rituals? Do you use methods that belong to other teachings?

All of the prophets of God, since the beginning of time, taught one Message. The task of the Sufi is to live that Message without making any distinction between the bringers of the Message.

3. Is Sufism and Tasavvuf the same thing?


4. What exactly is ‘The Light’, which your father Pir Vilayet Khan had referred a lot?

Light has three levels: seeing, knowing, and being. Physical light is the light by which we see. Consciousness is the light by which we know. Being is the light by which we exist. God alone is the Light of Lights; everything is from God’s light.

5. Can everyone do this Light Meditation?  How can one do Light Meditation? How often and how long do you recommend to do it?

Anyone can learn to absorb and radiate more light. In the Sufi path, there are steps along the way. First, one should be aware of the sun, the moon, the stars, and the light in the air. Next, one should be aware of the light of one’s own glance. Then one learns to “breathe light.” One needs a guide who is experienced in this. The guide will indicate what to do and how often.

pir zia inayet khan ebru şinik interview

6. Do sanskrit mantras and the 99 name of Allah create the same vibrations? Do the primordial sounds OM and HUM have  the same vibrations and effects?

Every name and word has its own distinct vibration. There are similarities between Om and Hu, but they are different.

7. Do prayers and intentions have equal power? What is the power intention within the frame of our destiny? To what extent we can interfere in our destiny? 

The soul of a prayer is the intention within it. Intention is will, and it is a great power—in fact, it is the only power there is. Our destiny is the potential within us to realize God’s nature. The fulfilment of this potential depends on our will. The greatest act of will is the will to fulfill the Bevoled’s will.

8. ‘In your book, ‘The Holy Mysteries of The Five Elements’, you analyzed the mysteries of  earth, water, fire, air and ether and shared breathing techniques for each of them. What are the benefits of these breathing techniques in our daily rutine? 

These breaths help to overcome the state of separation. One feels one’s connection with everything: the ground, the sky, the oceans, the sun, and the Spirit that blows invisibly through all things.  

9. Do  the elements earth, water, fire, air and ether symbolize cosmic laws?

The elements form a bridge between form and formless. Earth is hard and palpable. Air is subtle and almost intangible. Beyond air is the formless state: ether.

10. In your teachings you often recommend to feel the earth, the ground  beneath our feet. Why?... What is  the mystery of the earth? 

We feel the density of the material state most directly through the continuous contact of our feet with the earth. Meanwhile, the crown of our head is in communication with the sky, which evokes the sublime and ineffable. Between the two is the spine, the alif.

11. It seems that the more technology progress, the more humanbeings return to their primitive, barbaric ways... How the inequality, suffering, wars and terrorism can end in our world?

The simple answer is love. Without spiritual development, scientific development  cannot help the world. What is needed is the culture of the heart.

12. What is hapenning to the collective consciousness of humanity? Is it increasing? Does the world have a destiny, a karma? 
The world is going through tumultuous changes. Humans are becoming more closely connected to each other than ever before, and yet paradoxically, also more disunited—from each other and from the living earth. What will be will be. We can only change the world by changing ourselves. It is for each of us to fulfil our life’s task while constantly remembering the One to whom we belong. May our lives be a clear reflection of the beauty that lives forever in the Highest Friend.

pir zia inayet khan ebru şinik interview