Interviews with Ebru Şinik

Secrets of Meditation from Davidji - Vol.2

Davidji and Ebru Sinik İnterview

    What do you recommend us to go deeper in meditation?

The key is to start small with a few minutes of silence every day. In time, if you can commit to meditating for 30 minutes every day for 21 days straight, your life will change forever, and you will want to meditate every day for the rest of your life. All that you’ve accomplished in this life is based on DOing. Meditation is about BEing. So you require a different set of tools to connect with your divine inner self that rests beneath all of these positions and possessions—to just BE. Regardless of what type of meditation style you practice, you can still begin your daily meditation by asking yourself these powerful and profound questions: Who am I? What do I want? and What is my dharma or purpose in life? These are some of the deepest questions you could ask yourself, which is why we do nothing with the information that comes to us during meditation. That’s simply a process for making the soil more fertile. It’s outside of meditation, when the seeds you’ve planted are growing, that you feel more expanded, more creative, more intuitive, and more insightful. It’s not during meditation that the value of this process takes form. It’s back here with the rest of us, when you’re eyes are wide open, and you’re interacting with the world.

    What does it mean ‘ The Field of Infinite Possibilities’ during meditation? Is it so easy to enter to this field?

Meditating allows us to let go of limiting beliefs and fear-based constrictions. When we open our eyes and then come back into the real world, we have a the opportunity to think about something we never imagined… to have deeper insights. Science has now proved that the space between our thoughts that we connect to when we meditate, helps us infuse the next thought with freshness…newness. From this comes possibilities that we never dreamed! Meditation is our easy path to the infinite.

10     The part from your book ‘ The 5 Myths of Meditation’ is very interesting. Could you briefly tell us about these five Myths?

The biggest myth is that you must clear the thoughts from your mind to successfully meditate. If you don’t have thoughts you are probably dead. We have 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day, yet, so many meditators stop meditating because they have thoughts, but having thoughts flowing in and out of your meditation is so perfect. This is your chance to process each day’s activities that otherwise would go buried, unaddressed, and unprocessed. Other myths are: 

  • that something special is supposed to happen during meditation...  
    and blissful, calming, and entertaining experiences can occur during meditation -- but that’s not really our goal; 
  • that there’s a right way and a wrong way to meditate...
    there’s more performance anxiety about whether we’re doing it right in meditation than any other pressure I can think of;
  • that you will become enlightened if you meditate long enough?
    You already are enlightened. You simply may not be awake to it. But each time you meditate, you get an opportunity to reach back and peel away more layers of that lifetime of conditioning;
  • that meditation makes you a superior being...
    meditation is a gift you give yourself each time you practice. There is no spiritual hierarchy of humans based on whether they meditate or for how long. I do not believe meditation embraces a spiritual hierarchy. I believe it embraces the Golden Rule.

11     What is the importance of ‘Intention Setting’ before meditation? Could you give us a practical guide for making correct intentions?

I like the question-and-answer format prior to meditation, because it allows me the opportunity to settle into the key things going on in my life and to bring some intentions—not just my attention—to them. What are the questions that are important to you? Write them down, explore them before meditating for a solid week, and the let them go – don’t think about them any more. Once they are embedded within your consciousness, you will feel them unfold in your life. (Remember: Don’t bring these questions or their answers into your meditation.) After you have asked and answered (and sometimes there will be no answers) all these questions, simply release them.

Davidji Ebru Şinik İnterview


12     I know, that you have been teaching to famous people to meditate as well. If you don’t mind, could you share with us some of your famous clients/ advisees?

I have trained many famous people to connect to their stillness and silence. Many actors and actresses in Hollywood, many famous athletes, and many high-powered business people. Many of them came to me when they were in pain or struggling with life. Several years ago, I was able to advise Mitt Romney and Barak Obama when they were debating each other in the US elections. Probably my most famous student is the pop music sensation Ariana Grande who I taught 5 years ago. Look at her success now – she lives a life of infinite possibilities.



13     You know, we are planning to organize an Istanbul event together under the roof of Yükselen Çağ Wellbeing Center. Do you have a special message for Pozitif Readers until you come to Turkey? 

First of all. I love Turkey and I love the Turkish people. They are a conscious people who strive to be better every day and it is an honour to help and be part of their magnificent growth. So thank you for making this possible Ebru. To all the readers and ALL the Turkish people I say, “Meditating every day will open your world to lean more deeply in the direction of your dreams and away from what no longer serves you. It’s a process and a lifelong journey. You are not alone on this journey. We are all together, stumbling through each day! Keep meditating and you will become aware when words leave your lips that don’t create peace and harmony – you’ll become aware when you have thoughts no longer serve you. Meditation will awaken the silent witness within you, and it will make all the difference!” Deep gratitude. And I hope to see you soon!!!