Interviews with Ebru Şinik

Secrets of Meditation from Davidji - Vol.1

 Interview with Davidji and Ebru Şinik

 Before we go through your book, we would like to know you briefly.  How did you start to work with Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr.  David Simon? What did you do before you had decided to being a Meditation Instructor?

I worked for many years in the worlds of corporate finance and business in New York City. I had even worked for a time on one of the higher floors of Tower 2, at what is now referred to as Ground Zero. Although I’d begun meditating and exploring many types of meditation while in college in upstate New York, one day I realized—as my life was spinning out of physical and emotional balance—I had stopped meditating. For 15 years I’d been trying to juggle so many different pieces of my life but was painfully unfulfilled at every turn. I craved peace of my mind. I craved a job with a purpose. I craved the depth of feeling I had known so well in my youth. My personal and work relationships were stressed and strained. I was waking up, burning through the day, coming home, eating dinner, reading a book or watching TV, and passing out. The turning point came one day as I encountered a homeless man on the street. He reached out and grabbed my pant leg and asked, “What’s gonna be on your tombstone?” Face to face, soul to soul—connected in a transcendent, cosmic moment, it took my breath away, and I said, “I don’t know.” Shortly after, I attended a meditation retreat with Deepak Chopra and I immersed myself in the timeless teachings of meditation, Ayurveda, yoga, Vedanta, emotional healing, and the ancient wisdom of  higher consciousness.

  I remembered exactly when I got your farewell message from Chopra Center University. You were one of the most important lead-educators there and your absence was a big surprise for all of us. How long have you been found there as a dean? Where do you continue to teach ?

I served as the Chopra Center’s dean for 10 years, translating ancient wisdom into real-world practical interpretations, rituals, and techniques under the guidance of Deepak & David. I spent every day for ten years reading, studying, teaching, and helping students who also live in the real world to learn, share, teach, and master this timeless body of knowledge.  Ultimately, over 12 years, I taught more than 300,00 students in over 100 countries and certified 1200 teachers around the world. But I wanted to do more…connect at an even deeper level – teach business people to be more effective and make better decisions in the corporate world, teach police to have less stress, teach families to get along better, to communicate better and be healthier. I wanted to teach the people who couldn’t afford it in schools, hospitals, and homeless shelters. Everyone is seeking more happiness and greater peace of mind and I feel blessed to be able to help them become their best version. For the past two years, hundreds of thousands of people have read Secrets of Meditation, downloaded my 300+ guided meditations, attended my workshops, and listened to my Hay House radio shows. I continue to teach through my own davidji Signature Retreats, like Set Your Course, Discovering You Dharma, and Secrets of Meditation Healing Immersion. Every year, I take a group of people to dream locations – the Galapagos Islands, the Mexican Riviera, Thailand, and next year India. I started my own teacher trainings to help others who feel the calling to share them with others, and I teach at other meditation retreats all over the world.

  I have been following your events constantly through your mailings of Sweetspot Community and Social Media. You have been organizing all around the world workshops and retreat programmes and you make regularly Live programmes at Hay House Radio, which is referred the best inspirational talk radio channel.  How could our Readers follow your event schedule and listen your radio programmes? Is it available via internet?

Listeners can find me on Hay House Radio ( every Thursday at 11 am Pacific time. It’s free and if you miss a show, you can register with Hay House and access all of my archived radio shows, too. I love to communicate on Facebook ( and twitter ( My website lists all of the davidji Signature Events and I announce them on our online calendar so that people can discover my other teaching and speaking events around the world.

You have achieved a big success with your book ‘ Secrets of Meditation’. What is the big secret of meditation?

I wrote Secrets of Meditation to help demystify meditation and bring it into people’s real lives. The answers to finding peace, balancing our lives, are within our own selves. We spend so much time looking for answers from everywhere else – when really, it is revealed in the silence within our selves. The information has been there all along, but when you meditate and are fully present, you suddenly become aware of it as it unfolds. I’ve often said that prayer is talking to God…meditation is listening to God. This is akin to the unfolding of your life’s journey . . . from the one source to individuation, ever evolving, changing, shifting, transforming, and moving outward in so many different directions.

How many meditation techniques exist in the world? Which are the most effective?

There are countless forms of meditation: mantra, sound meditation, breathing, biofeedback, mindfulness, guided, visual… even food meditations. Different types of meditation styles take you to different places. Some calm you in the moment, others calm you after the moment, some open you, some inspire you, some relax you, some expand you, others transport you, and some deliver you to a life of one-ness and deeper fulfillment. I encourage people to explore different types to find what gives you the most clarity and peace.

 Interview with Davidji and Ebru Şinik

How often and how long do you recommend to do daily meditations?

To solve the difficulty that most meditators have ensuring that they lock in that first meditation of the day, I developed a ritual that has helped thousands effortlessly lock down their practice. It’s known as RPM, which stands for Rise, Pee, Meditate. It’s based on the fact that you wake up each day. I recommend that you work up to meditating 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon or evening.

How can one levitate during meditation? Do you experience this supernatural State?
I have been trained by some amazing masters of higher consciousness. They have taught me to levitate and experience many of the advanced yoga and meditation techniques. This is not necessary for most people who simply want to be happy, fulfilled, and experience more love. Sometimes the most enlightened technique is learning to forgive yourself for something you said or did. I think personal empowerment, living with compassion, having peace of mind, and making better decisions in our relationships is more beneficial than learning to levitate.