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Breathing Techniques for Daily Life

Breathing the right way means a longer and healthier life!

Get ready for a pleasant and exciting transformation in the light of Health, Breath & Life - Breathing Techniques for Daily Life, the book that has been acknowledged and referred to by medical doctors and research associates of international reputation.

Nasal Breathing Guide for Daily Life

You can gain so many psychological and physical benefits including but not limited to the digestive system, cardiovascular health, immune system, reproductive health and all hormonal systems by practicing the controlled breathing explained in Health, Breath & Life - Breathing Techniques for Daily Life. The book can lead us throughout the day in terms of handling our changing moods and meeting our different needs.

Presenting a very satisfactory content to the reader ranging from scientific explanations to daily practical routines, Health, Breath & Life - Breathing Techniques for Daily Life is also the only breathing exercises book that has so far been equipped with videos. The Benefits of reading this book;

Breathing Techniques

You will be able to experience the following benefits as well as many other physiologic and psychologic benefits by incorporating these exercises into your daily routine;

  • Stress management,
  • Coping with depression, insomnia and anxiety,
  • Initiating the Process of Well-aging,
  • Physical and mental detox,
  • Supporting weight loss by accelerating slow body metabolism,
  • Balancing digestive system and maintaining its regularity,
  • Enhancing your physical and mental energy,
  • Enhancing your ability to focus,
  • Increasing your concentration,
  • Cooling your body against Hot Flush, heat sensation,
  • Supporting regular functioning of thyroid and prostate glands,
  • Increasing your courage and self-confidence,
  • Calming down hunger and thirst
  • Creating a natural Botox effect on your complexion
  • Healing asthma by enhancing the capacity of lungs
  • Perfection of your tone of voice
  • Work – Life Balance

You can easily integrate these breathing techniques explained in the book into your daily lives by using the QR codes that will enable you to watch the complimentary videos prepared by Ebru Şinik, and depending on your needs you can further explore these techniques by yourself in the office, at home, on the subway or on vacation.

Health, Breath & Life - Breathing Techniques for Daily Life / Practical Application Videos

In this series, you will be able to watch the practical application videos of breathing techniques explained in Health, Breath & Life - Breathing Techniques for Daily Life by Ebru Şinik. You can access all the breathing exercises explained in the book by clicking on