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In Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultancy, the most primary action is to determine the Ayurvedic Constitution Type (dosha) of a person. The term “dosha” is used for “Constitution Type”. When dominant dosha of the person is identified (prakruti), serious information is also obtained regarding digestive system tendency, metabolism rate and mental approaches etc.

Ayurvedic Diet

This first stage of determining this innate constitution is called Prakruti. Our Prakruti is typically like our fingerprint and it does not change until the end of our lives.

Our Prakruti, namely our innate dosha constitution, is the formula for real balance that allows us to feel healthy, happy, fit and satisfied throughout our lives. This formula stays constant until death.

The second stage involves looking at the Vikruti of the person; in other words, the environment, nutrition style, life style, social circle, schools, love, family, climate and surrounding circumstances she/he was exposed after birth. In this stage, it is determined whether there has been a deviation from the main balance or an imbalance due to the factors impacting life.

After Vikruti is identified, very detailed diet lists are prepared in compliance with individual’s symptoms and general demands to balance physical and mental bodies.

These lists which are prepared in a customized way based on a plan of individual’s daily life schedule as well as his constitution type, also involve guidance regarding details such as spices, teas, aromatherapy and massage.

The main objective of Ayurvedic Diet and Life Style is to lead a life at a sustainable ideal weight by raising awareness and without using willpower, to enhance person’s general health condition and vigor positively and to create real harmony which causes us to be happier, healthier, more peaceful and creative in life.

When we know about our Ayurvedic Body Type characteristics, we will have the chance to make our daily choices in a more conscious way. While cooking for your children and loved ones, you can prepare a menu for their constitution and make right choices from fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, dairy products, desserts, fats and other food products. By doing so, you will not only protect your and your loved ones’ health, but you will also initiate the well-aging process which is a determiner of our life quality.

Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultancy

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